Activities and nearby attractions

Activities on Blue Crane Farm

The farm boasts two beautiful dams where guests can enjoy fly fishing. Both dams are stocked with rainbow and brown trout.

Bird watching is also a very popular activity on the farm due to the big variety of land and water bird species that visit. Endangered bird species such as the Crowned Crane and Blue Crane has been spotted on a regular basis. Every year a Blue Crane breeding pair nests on one of the islands of the big dam.

The venue offers beautiful scenery with free roaming game species such as Springbuck, Blesbuck, Zebra, Hartebeest and Vaal Rhebuck. Guests are welcome to explore the farm and do game viewing by hiking or  cycling on well kept paths on the farm.

Nearby Attractions

The entrance to the farm is situated on the R540 Belfast/Dullstroom road and is a short 10-minute drive from Dullstroom with all its amenities that include shops, restaurants, and attractions. 

Nearby attractions include golf at the famous Ernie Els Highlands Gate Golf Estate, Bird of Prey Center, mountain biking and horse riding.